Why does tumblr exclusively put posts from random fucking MLP blogs on my dash now

Out of the 49 blogs I follow literally only one of them is an MLP person and they don’t even usually seem to be people Emkay interacts with

Why does tumblr have me pegged for some sort of brony I don’t understand???

The perfect team

The perfect team

literally like 98% of the time any comment on an already successful post is garbage

TRUE but it’s still irritating to see a new breed of them popping up

The most annoying thing here (well okay one of countless annoying things) that I’ve seen a lot lately and no one seems to talk about is when someone feels the need to comment on a post like this one (not the best example really but anyway) that makes a point through sarcasm or a misleading start like “I was going to be so upset with this but then etc…” or something

Like okay by reblogging that post you are already indicating that you agree with the point it is making, we get it, you don’t have to remind everyone how MORALLY OUTRAGED you would be if it was saying the exact opposite of what it is

limeparadox: http://palmsprings.craigslist.org/m4w/4610938776.html
limeparadox: I wonder if anyone ever won him
limeparadox: Probably not
ZippyWharrgarbl: he's still waiting for the text
limeparadox: I bet I could text that number right now and be the first one to claim my own real cowboy
limeparadox: Should I do it
limeparadox: Just text him fucking "howdy partner" or something
limeparadox: It's really tempting
ZippyWharrgarbl: google a picture of a cowgirl and send that too
limeparadox: Then again this is a real person living near me and I think he'd see my name in the text
ZippyWharrgarbl: or one of greg farshtey
ZippyWharrgarbl: but photoshop a cowboy hat on him
limeparadox: What if I encounter him in public and get challenged to a duel
limeparadox: I'm not prepared for that situation
ZippyWharrgarbl: you should be prepared for ANY situation
limeparadox: I don't even know how to go about acquiring an old fashioned revolver
limeparadox: "fedora deity"
limeparadox: This made me realize that M'lady could totally be the name of some sort of lovecraftian tentacle god
ZippyWharrgarbl: M'ladeii, the Keeper of the Friend Zone
limeparadox: *tips fedora with one of several thousand writhing tentacles*

Every time I see the phrase "it’s going to happen" I get SO UPSET because I have seen this fucking phrase thousands of times here now

I was never even particularly proud of it in the first place, I had just finished crudely editing Sweet Bro into a musclebound Fennekin and felt like I needed to add some sort of further comment before posting it, but for lack of anything actually funny to say I just went with “it’s going to happen”, the implication there being that Fennekin was going to have yet another Fire/Fighting type final evolution (POKEMON X/Y SPOILERS: it did not, in fact, happen)

But now even though the joke isn’t remotely relevant anymore there are STILL people occasionally reblogging it for some reason, so tumblr still continues to haunt me with that one short phrase

I just think of that entire post as “it’s going to happen” now and I honestly tend to forget that it also contains an edited SBaHJ comic

Why does it seem like half the recommended posts or whatever tumblr puts on my dash are from obscure MLP ask blogs

Looking at the trending tags on tumblr is always so jarring and surreal compared to the image of tumblr I get from my dash like

Apparently “rofl” is trending right now

Like not even “lol” or “lmao” or something but fucking “rofl”

I honestly was not even aware that people still use that term

April was BZP’s Chima Month where they let the yiffing loose or some shit and made some changes like the subforum

it’s been there since the whole Month of Chima thing

What month of Chima thing

I am super out of touch with anything Lego-related that isn’t bonkles 2015 or BZP drama so